pod-obowiazek.mielno.pl - Went to the doctor to see what he would say
Went to the doctor to see what he would say
Told him I couldn?t sleep,
my heart was racked with pain
Broke out in a cold sweat lying in my bed
My mouth was dry, my fever high
had a spinning in my head

Can?t find a single thing to take away the pain
Everything I tried to do, I tried and tried again
But all it seems to do is take away my pride
I looked for you but what?s the use
Your loving ain?t prescribed

It?s a love thing, that?s what is
It?s a love thing, no there ain?t no shots
It?s a love thing, never been no cure
The only thing to cure my ills
is make sweet love to you

Three weeks later, I don?t feel I?ve improved
No matter what I do, I can?t get close to you
Can?t find no treatment, no major surgery
To take away the empty space and
put you next to me

It?s a love thing, lying on my own
It?s a love thing, waiting by the phone
It?s a love thing, I don?t need no nurse
Gonna help this man,
hold his hand only makes it worse

That thing that makes him heal
But no matter how I try I feel
That you just want to play this game with me

Now you and I have finally put things right
But I still need to dream, morning,
noon and night
I feel much better than I ever did before
No matter how I try I seem to find
I just can?t get off the floor

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